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To become a member, please complete the form below and make the necessary payment as per the options given. Once payment is received, your membership will be confirmed.

Although we are a voluntary community group, we take data protection legislation seriously and will always look after the personal information you provide us with.

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This form is for one single membership application. If you require further memberships for other family members etc, please complete additional forms once this one is completed.

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Contact Consent

Do you consent to us contacting you with information regarding Berrylands Nature Reserve, the Friends of Group or information about events at other local green spaces?

Unfortunately your membership application cannot be continued. This is due to the failure to agree to provide a contactable email address.
This is the only means the Group has to contact members so is essential for membership.


It is important that we have the permission of an Over 18 guardian when dealing with someone under the age of 18.

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Guardian Details

This section MUST be completed if the membership application is for a Full Member below the age of 18 OR for a Youth Member below the age of 16. It MUST be completed by the Guardian who themselves is over the age of 18.

Please confirm that you are both the applicant's guardian and aged Over 18?

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Guardian Over 18

Unfortunately your membership application cannot be continued. You have either stated that you are not the member's guardian or that you are not over 18. An over 18 guardian is required for a Youth Membership or Full Membership of a 16 and 17 year old.

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if different from email address entered at begining of application

for emergency contact only

Quick Questions (optional)

We would really appreciate it if you could take a minute to complete some additional quick questions in order to help us be a better friends of group.

Answer Questions
How did you hear about this group & membership?
Did you know this green space existed before the project work started there in 2017?
Did you know the space was an official local nature reserve?
Are you interested in conservation volunteering events at Berrylands Nature Reserve?

We'll have a members' meeting soon but for now, what would YOU like us to focus our efforts on?


Some residents have asked how they can make donations towards the nature reserve work. As such we wanted to offer these people a chance whilst joining.

Please do not feel any pressure to donate beyond your membership payment. If however you do wish to make an additional donation, please include the amount in your answer below.

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Bank Lloyds Bank
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Please make cheques payable to:

Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve

Please post / deliver cheques to the address below with a note confirming the New Member's name:

Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve
36 Pine Gardens
Surbiton, KT5 8LH

Please complete payment at the event after submitting application.

Final Declaration

By ticking the box below, I confirm that I have answered all the questions accurately and to the best of my knowledge.

Please read the Group Constitution by following the link below.

Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve - Group Constitution 2018.pdf

I confirm that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Group Constitution for the Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve

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