Renew your Friends Group Membership

Thank you so much for supporting the Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve community group by being a member.  We really hope you choose to renew your membership to continue this support for the year ahead.

As a local community group we’re entirely run by passionate volunteers, and dependent on community support to be able to run activities and events in order to maintain, improve and promote Berrylands Nature Reserve and other local green spaces, connecting people with their local natural environment and it’s wildlife!

Adult (16+)
Youth (under 16)

Adult Member

aged 16+
£ 10 per year
  • Support community conservation
  • Contribute to the running of the group
  • Vote at members meetings

In order to renew your membership we do ask for a small annual membership fee, in order to ensure a basic level of funding for the group, to pay for things like tools and insurances for our conservation volunteer events, funds for improving and caring for the nature reserve, and costs associated with promoting the nature reserve, other local green spaces, and the group (including things like this website!).

By remaining a member you will not only be supporting the work of the group, but also have the opportunity to contribute the the future direction of both the group and the nature reserve, by proposing ideas, and voting at members meetings.

We have lots of plans and aspirations for the future so we really hope local residents will support the Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve by becoming a member, and getting involved helping to care for their local green spaces.

By renewing your group membership you agree to abide by the Group Constitution:

Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve – Group Constitution.pdf

Although we really encourage anyone interesting in supporting the group and the work we do to become a member, it’s worth noting that Berrylands Nature Reserve is a public space owned by Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames, and is therefore free to visit and enjoy by everyone at all times.
Our volunteer events are also open to everyone equally, whether they are a member of the group or not.