Nature Reserve

Community Green Space

Tranquil Woodland

Wildlife Haven

Hidden in the heart of Berrylands is a special place with a meandering stream, meadow grassland, and a beautiful serene woodland, all of which make it a wonderful haven for lots of fabulous wildlife!
Cared for, loved and maintained by a group of passionate local volunteers and the supportive wider community.

Recent Posts

Posted on: 11th October 2020
With changes to virus guidelines allowing group community volunteering, over the last month we've been able to start running conservation events again with small groups of local volunteers.
Posted on: 8th April 2020
Can you help keep all the trees we've planted together well watered over the spring & summer? All you'll need to do is occassionally take some water on your daily walk.
Posted on: 3rd March 2020
Giving our most hidden local wild space a spring clean after years of fly-tipping and neglect. An exciting opportunity to visit & improve a space not usually open for public access.

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Support the Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve community group caring for the green spaces of Berrylands by joining, donating or volunteering.

Upcoming Events

During the Covid-19 virus outbreak we've changed how we're running Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve volunteer events, with registration in advance strictly necessary, reduced numbers of volunteers and these events now being advertised via our Mailing List.

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