Welcome to our website all about Berrylands Nature Reserve!  Whether this is the first time you have heard about our local nature reserve, you are a local resident who has visited it or you are one of our regular conservation volunteers, we really hope you enjoy this site.  This website will help you find out more about the nature reserve, the history behind it and the exciting work that has been taking place since Autumn 2017 in order to restore and enhance it after years of neglect.

“Our aim is to improve Berrylands Nature Reserve for the benefit of both wildlife and the local community, and where possible support other local green spaces.”

We are also really pleased to tell you all about the Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve group! The group was created in September 2018 in order to give the community a stronger voice in deciding the direction and strategy of activities and improvements at our wonderful little nature reserve. Membership of this group is open to everyone and we are actively encouraging supporters to sign up and support us. Read more here.

Many of you will have attended some of the past conservation volunteering events or community activities that have been organised. We have had regular monthly conservation days working on many of the improvements to the nature reserve that you can see there today, as well as community events such as a summer picnic day, and dragonfly and bat walks! If you want to be kept informed about future events, please please sign up to our mailing list below.

So, go and explore the website, check out more about the Friends of Group, join it if you can and sign up for our mailing list.  See you in the nature reserve soon.

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