A successful first Community Update meeting

Posted on: 30th October 2018

Well Saturday 27th October was a busy day for many of us.
Most of those who organised and some who attended the first Community Update meeting had already spent much of the day outdoors in the cold supporting a Community Action Day over in Fishponds Park, Surbiton; supporting other local green spaces is very much part of the main aim of our friends of group and during a period of waiting for our own conservation events, helping local friends seemed like the best thing to do.

So, slightly tired but after a successful conservation day in Fishponds, we held our first update meeting at Christ Church Primary School.
Whilst attendance was slightly lower than expected we were still please to see a mixture of familiar and new faces, and members and non-members.
Even better by the end of update all the non-members had decided that they wanted to join and we were able to add them to the group there and then!

I won’t list everything we covered in the meeting but you can check out the presentation, that was delivered by some of the committee, below:

At the end of the presentation, there were some good questions and discussions including topics like:

  • When will we start conservation days again?
  • Would we be interested in hosting a bee celebration event?
  • Is the Environment Trust going to continue to be involved and when?
  • Would we consider a small community herb garden?
  • What sort of grants are we likely to apply for?
  • How can local residents actively help the friends of group?

and many more.

We really enjoyed being able to share these discussions and continue conversations afterwards. The biggest ask of ours was to encourage people to share with family, friends and neighbours about the friends of group so more people can engage with the nature reserve and also to encourage people to actually join as paid up members, to help financially support the community work that is taking place.

Especially rewarding was to meet a brand new resident to Berrylands who has moved recently with his family, heard about the community meeting online, came along to find out more and then paid to be a member at the end.  Thank you for your commitment and support!

If you have anything you’d like to raise with us or suggest, especially after looking at the presentation above, please just email us at berrylandsnr@gmail.com

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