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Posted on: 10th August 2019
1 month, 6 events, 60+ volunteers, 100+ hours of balsam bashing. One massive impact!
Posted on: 1st August 2019
As quick as Himalayan Balsam keep appearing the volunteers keep pulling it up. Clearing bramble and nettle, and even uncovering a bench!
Posted on: 15th July 2019
Lovely recent weather sent the vegetation along the paths a bit wild. Accompanied by butterflies and dragonflies we set out to tackle it
Posted on: 3rd July 2019
Having got the Himalayan Balsam situation under control in the Nature Reserve we set our sights on helping things at Elmbridge Meadows
Posted on: 26th June 2019
The Friends group had ambitious plans for our volunteer session and a fab group of volunteers including helpers from RBK made it a breeze.
Posted on: 3rd June 2019
On a blazing hot day a group of volunteers set out to see what they could make from pallets, scrap wood, and what they could find in the nature reserve
Posted on: 30th May 2019
A great group of volunteers turned up, donning wellies & waders to scour the stream for Himalayan Balsam as part of London Rivers Week
Posted on: 29th April 2019
Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve have had a busy week with lots of conservation activitiy, and helping support other local projects
Posted on: 30th March 2019
Powered by delicious soup courtesy of Cafe Rosa, volunteers worked to spread woodchip on the paths and clear invasive species