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The Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve are in a festive mood, and we wanted to arrange to meet up with all of the new friends we have made though our shared enthusiasm for our wonderful local nature reserve.

The Berrylands Pub has been a long standing supporter of the Berrylands Nature Reserve restoration project, and have very kindly allowed us to use their events room (again!) for this get together.

We will be there from 8pm, so please join us!

Everyone is welcome, whether you are a member of the friends group, or not.
We would particularly love to share a toast with all of those who have been involved in the conservation volunteer days, the community events, extolling the virtues of the project to your friends and families, or just quietly cheering us on from a distance by reading our website or following one of our social media accounts.

While we don’t have the funds to provide free food or drinks, we would be delighted to meet up with as many people as possible to reminisce about all the wonderfull things that have happend so far, and to dream up exciting plans for the future.

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10:30am - 12:30pm
Berrylands Nature Reserve
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