UPDATE: During the Covid-19 virus outbreak our volunteer events have been suspended & anyone visiting local green spaces should follow all local and national government advice.

Woodchip Wednesday

Event Details

We have recently had a couple of huge woodchip deliveries to the reserve courtesy of ATS which we are intending to use to continue spreading over the paths throughout the reserve as some of them are really quite boggy at the moment, particularly at the Elmbridge Avenue end of the site.

Some of our volunteers spent a part of our most recent volunteer session spreading some of the woodchip over the paths, and I know a few local residents have also been helping out with doing the same outside of our volunteer days, which we really appreciate.

Our next scheduled volunteer event isn’t for a couple of weeks, so we thought we could try and do a short extra impromptu session this coming week to try and get some more of it spread around before then.

So, if anyone is free for a couple of hours on Wednesday 15th January from 11am – 1pm a few of us are going to get together and see how much we can get done in a short concentrated burst of Woodchip Wednesday path spreading action!

We’ll meet outside the Scout Hut on Stirling Walk, as usual, so if you are free to come along to lend a hand we’d love to see you!

Wellies or sturdy shoes highly recommended.

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Due to current advice reguarding the current Covid-19 virus outbreak the Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve committee has supended all future events until further notice.
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