Can You Help Water the Trees of Berrylands?

Posted on: 8th April 2020

Can you help keep all the trees we’ve planted together around Berrylands well watered over the spring & summer?

All you’ll need to do is occassionally take a bucket, watering can, jug, bottle, or whatever else you can carry water in on your daily walk.

If you’re intersted in helping please email:
Also please share with friends, family and neighbours in case they might like to help out too.

Usually we would’ve done tree watering as a group activity as part of our volunteer sessions, but unfortunately, with our sessions on hold during the current virus outbreak, we can’t do that at the moment.

Instead we’ve decided to use it as an opportunity, asking local volunteers if they might be able to help with this as part of their own daily exercise, provided they can do so while following all current advice on using our green spaces safely at this time.

Over the last couple of years the Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve have been involved with planting lots of tree saplings in Berrylands Nature Reserve, and new community orchards in both Berrylands Park & Green Lane Recreation Ground.

We’ve drawn up a map with the areas of trees marked.
Each patch contains multiple trees, but don’t worry we aren’t asking you to do a whole patch by yourself (unless you really want to!).

Depending on where you live, how you’re able to transport water, or how often you feel like doing watering, different patches will probably work for different people.

It might be that you’re able to commit to bring along a couple of buckets and do a specific fruit tree in one of our orchards every week?
Or perhaps a couple of times a week you can bring a bottle and do a few saplings in a particular area of the nature reserve?
Anything you can offer is hugely appreciated.

If you just let us know which areas you can help with, and how often, we can then try and make sure everything gets a regular drink.

There are 2 types of watering which need doing:

  • The fruit trees in our 2 community orchards all need a good regular soaking of about 20 litres each week (that’s about 2 buckets worth!).

  • The smaller tree saplings aren’t as thirsty so can get away with much less (but there are more of them!). These trees would ideally get about 2-5 litres a week, whenever the weather is dry.

Anything you can do is hugely appreciated, and although we can’t do it together as a group, families are of course welcome to water together. A perfect time to get the kids involved!

Don’t worry if your availabilty changes, or you are unable to do your watering one week, just let us know.

Also if you take any pictures while doing your watering please do share with us, and we’ll put them together on our website and social media to highlight the fantastic local work, and they might even get more people helping out too.

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